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We Stream Your Concert to the internet

Live streaming a musical performance to the internet has truly become the big thing of  2020, and is a great way for artists to reach their fans.

TechWiz Audio, located in Berlin, Germany, offers professional live stream production services for artists and musicians who want to make more out of a live stream concert than just a selfie video.

Focusing On Sound

At TechWiz Audio, we believe that the heart and soul of the concert experience is the sound.  Only with good sound will your music translate to your audience the way it was intended to be. That is why our main focus is a professional broadcast mix, so your music gets the crystal clear sound it deserves.



Multicam Video

We  capture your performance with multiple HD Cameras from different angles that we cut live and on the spot. This way, your fans can see exactly what’s happening on stage. By using modern digital camera technology, we can give your fans a professional visual experience  while remaining cost-effective and within your budget.

Sounds to good to be true? See for yourself!

Your Music is our passion

At TechWiz Audio we love music,  we love technology, and we love to use technology to bring your music to your audience. We can stream your concert from nearly anywhere and to any platform you like.

Create more footage for your online community by capturing your performance at it’s best.

TechWiz Audio will take care of all of your technical needs and make sure to give your fans the best live stream experience they can get.








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